Senior Trust Capital
investment strategy

Senior Trust Capital’s strategy focuses on the six key investment drivers, geared to creating sustained growth for our investors and protecting their funds.


Maximised investor return

At Senior Trust Capital, we aim to maximise investor returns and deliver consistent value growth for shareholders. We do this by optimising our loan and investment terms, and focussing on a balanced mix of capital growth investments and lending opportunities. 


Excellent shareholder relationships

We are committed to be caring, friendly and proper in our conduct with each shareholder. We aim to be clear, concise and effective in our communication and disclosure of information to shareholders.


New investment and loan opportunities

We’re always on the lookout for new investment and loan opportunities in places where our key demographic increases. Our continual in-market research seeks to identify operators with experience, proven track records, capacity, capability, and a cohesive plan for growth.


Continuous monitoring

To protect our loans and investments, Senior Trust Capital continually monitors the operator’s business with a focus on key metrics. 


Investment mix

We ensure an appropriate spread of debt and equity placement across the portfolio. Where required, we work with other lending partners to ensure that the appropriate security sharing agreements are in place. 


Investment environment

Be up to date and aware of the changing investment environment both in the retirement village sector and in the wider market through continuing education and monitoring, industry connection and research.